Masonry Services in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors

MistriBabu provide a complete range of masonry services to residential and commercial entities across the entire Kolkata. Our specialty is the restoration of masonry work. Our company provides masonry services of all kinds and for all purpose. Our specialties include- Basement water proofing, exterior sealing of foundations, chimney repair, new foundations block or concrete, foundation repair, re-surface cementitious substrates, stone, brick and block pointing, marble and tile fixing, concrete walks, steps and patios Stone and brick veneer installed interior/exterior , caulking of settlement cracks and expansion joints, retaining walls of all sizes, water proofing of all exterior.We At MistriBabu Masonry are so confident and committed to your satisfaction with our Quality work, that we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Bricks Work
  • Plastering
  • Waterproofing
  • Tiles Installation
  • Interlock tile Installation
  • Sandstones Installation
  • Capstone Installation
  • Marble & Granite Installation
  • RCC walls & partitions

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